Tell others what you’ve learned about Open Data.  The site is now open for guest blogging.

The Web Dev community would love to hear from you about Open Data and any other topics that you are interested in.  Look at it as a virtual ‘Lightning-Talk‘…you have something to say and we want to listen and learn.  I know that I have learned something from each of you when I go to Co-Working or come to meetings, I am a different developer than I was a year ago and it’s partially because we have a community of people who give freely of their time and expertise.

Another benefit of  guest blogging is that it will attract more visitors to the Tulsa Web Dev’s site.  I see the Tulsa Web Dev’s community as a group that can effect real change in the area of open data.  When ‘articles’ on open data are published there is a subconscious authority that is built and people will start coming back to find out more. The more traffic we can bring to the site the more awareness we can raise which will only help the effort.

So blog away…

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