Tulsa Transit schedules integrated into Google Maps

Tulsans can now plan their local bus trips on Google Maps.

“It’s up and going,” said Harold Kurth, Tulsa Transit’s information technology specialist.

The technology is easy to use: Go to tulsaworld.com/googletransit, type in your starting point and destination and click on the “get directions” icon.

When the map shows on the screen, click on the bus icon. The trip is then broken down into time and available bus routes and even tells the user how long it would take to walk to the closest bus stop.

Tulsa Transit has been working with Tulsa Web Devs for the past two years to provide Google with the information it needed to incorporate Tulsa’s bus system into its maps program.

“They actually met with us and volunteered their services to give us a tool that would take our data out of (our trip planner) system and convert it to use for the Google system,” said Bill Cartwright, general manager of the Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority.




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