Tulsa Then & Now

The Tulsa City-County Library’s "Tulsa Then and Now: Mapping the BFC" app provides access to approximately 300 photographs selected from the Beryl Ford Collection. It includes streets, buildings, and … [Read more...]

Tulsa OpenTripPlanner


http://tripplanner.tulsawebdevs.org/ is a trip planner for Tulsa Transit powered by OpenTripPlanner. It also includes an accessibility analysis tool, and a trip-planner API. Related … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Boundary Service

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 8.55.47 AM

Oklahoma Boundary is a site for aggregating regional boundary data (from shapefiles) and republishing that data via a RESTful JSON API. Using newsapps django boundary service code. … [Read more...]



OttoZen is a commercial site built on top of the data from TRIF. The site is still in a "public alpha" mode. Related articles City of Tulsa Open Source Policy Tulsa Roadway Information Feeds … [Read more...]

Tulsa Roadway Information Feeds


http://trif.tulsawebdevs.org consolidates Roadway Information from 3 separate Tulsa area sources into a single place. In addition to providing a location-aware, mobile-ready map view of the data, we … [Read more...]



Android app showcasing the Tulsa Library’s Beryl Ford Collection. Started at Tulsa Hackathon with Tulsa Library. See the full project here. Related articles bfc-android … [Read more...]