Guest Blogging


Tell others what you've learned about Open Data.  The site is now open for guest blogging. The Web Dev community would love to hear from you about Open Data and any other topics that … [Read more...]

City of Tulsa Open Source Policy

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This morning I met with councilor GT Bynum, Amy Brown, and Tom Golliver (thanks for the hookup Matt). I shared and summarized the policies of some cities powered by open source - esp. Vancouver on … [Read more...]

This Land article features TWD!


This Land Press published an article about Government 2.0 in Oklahoma. Some of our work was featured, and it's good to see what else is going on in Oklahoma with open data! Take a look! UPDATE: … [Read more...]

Scraping data at home and in the cloud


After evaluating some open data platforms and continuing to work on my scraper for Tulsa Health Department Restaurant Inspections, I've changed my approach a bit. Problems with ScraperWiki My … [Read more...]

Tulsa Data Platform options


This weekend I've been hacking on one of the data ideas we've had - scraping the Tulsa Health Department's Restaurant Inspection data. I'm evaluating a few options for Open Data site/hosting. I'm … [Read more...]

December Meeting

New Beginning

Where: Fab Lab Tulsa What: Pizza provided by Anspire; Luke will give an annual review of the group. Agenda: Non-profit update Team updates Open Data - hack day week after Xmas? Set … [Read more...]